Guava Dawg 12 Strain Grow
Guava #12 Cannabis Strain Grant Pharms
Guava Dawg #12 Indica
Guava Dawg #12 is more subtle in smell and flavor than Guava Dawg #1 or #4, but still very fruity. This strain has been known to be more hybridized than the other Guava Dawgs as well, and its effects can vary but the Guava characteristics still stand out.

De-energizing, Soothing, Relaxing

Commonly Used For:
Insomnia, Inflammation, Pain, Mood elevator

Side Effects:

Member Price:
1G $8 | 3.5g $25 | 7g $50 | 14g $90 | 28g $150
Non-Member Price:
1G $10 | 3.5g $30 | 7g $60 | 14g $100 | 28g $175

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