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Expansion into Cannabis Breeding – How Grant Pharms is Changing Lives & The Medical Marijuana Market

As a family-founded MMC located in Colorado Springs, Grant Pharms has been providing comprehensive patient care in the medical marijuana industry since 2016. Our wealth of superior product knowledge and patient education on clean, high-quality, medical cannabis allows people to live better lives. Owner and founder, Grant Wollert, has combined his passion for patient care with the science behind growing high-quality medical cannabis to expand his operation in ways that will help not only Colorado Springs, but the entire medical marijuana market. Read Grant’s Tips below or stop by one of our Colorado Springs dispensaries today to learn more about what goes into growing high-quality medical cannabis!

Inspired by the lack of new strains not just in Colorado Springs but nationwide, Grant Pharms is excited to announce that we are engaged in the world of cannabis breeding. In a market where few people are producing new “by the book” strains, Grant Wollert is looking to create something legal, new, and groundbreaking. The combined possibilities of selective breeding and advancement of patient care drive Wollert’s focus to cultivate unique powerful medicines. The production of new high-quality medical cannabis strains from Grant Pharms—your cutting-edge Colorado Springs dispensary—will benefit other MMCs that desire wider access to specialized cannabis products as well as patients seeking a way to better treat their medical issues.

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Root Health

For those who don’t already know, the health of your plant’s roots is vital to growing high-quality medical cannabis. One thing we can do to help promote good root health is to introduce beneficial bacteria and fungi to the grow medium. One extremely beneficial fungi for root health is mycorrhiza (my-cor-rhi-za); do you know how to say that yet? Neither do I, honestly, and I’ve been looking at that word for at least 8 years! No worries, the guys at the grow store will know exactly what you mean, no matter how you say it.

Mycorrhiza are fungi that eat different algae, bad fungi, and break down organic material into a bioavailable form. This is beneficial for the roots as they tend to keep the roots clean, promoting good root health and strong uptake to the plant. As a byproduct, they often produce oxygen, which roots love almost as much as they love water.

Think of your roots like a filter. The cleaner your filter, the better it works. Mycorrhiza work to keep the “filter” clean and healthy, which gives you more uptake, and thus more growth. It helps to think of your roots like the vital organs of your body. If your vital organs aren’t working, you’re probably not feeling very well, and neither will your plants.

In summary, mycorrhiza is something that most everyone’s grow could benefit from. From hydroponics to soil it will be something that can become a regular part of your feeds, if you’re not already using it. Adding mycorrhiza to your garden can help you grow high-quality medical cannabis!

The Best Strain for Your Needs

There is always going to be a small amount of experimentation when finding a new strain that works well for your needs. Hopefully we can give you a couple of pointers to help you pick a new strain more easily.

Cannabinoids play a huge factor in how our medicine makes us feel. With a small amount of research, you can find specific cannabinoid profiles to give the intended effect, such as pain relief, euphoria, anti-nausea, appetite stimulant/suppressant and more. Once you know the cannabinoid(s) you want, it’s easy to find a strain that has what you’re looking for; we are required to do testing in the medical marijuana field.

Terpenes are speculated to alter the effects of your medicine. I have a theory that you should “follow your nose” and see which strains appeal to you. If something smells invigorating to you, you will likely be affected by that strain and its terpene profile in a similar way. If something smells calming and soothing when you smell it, you will likely be affected similarly, much like when essential oils are used in massage and meditation.

We factor this into our process of growing high-quality medical cannabis, by carefully breeding strains with notable terpene profiles that help with our patients’ ailments. We offer a variety of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains to ensure that we have something for everyone. If you have feedback or recommendations on the genetics that we offer (or should offer), feel free to call or visit one of our locations today!

When you visit Grant Pharms Colorado Springs Dispensary, you are met with compassion and a true understanding of your needs.