Why Choose Us?

100% Spray-Free Cultivation

At Grant Pharms, it’s about providing relief through clean, quality medicinal cannabis and developing a new understanding of how to care for our bodies without the use of pharmaceuticals or harsh chemicals.  We are one of the very few facilities in the State that incorporates ZERO pesticides and fungicides  in our process –  producing noticeably cleaner and healthier flower and concentrates.

Small Batch. High Quality

No large scale mass production here…we are small boutique grows where every plant is hand watered and cared for individually everyday by our team of passionate experienced growers resulting in superior, high quality products…no corners cut….ever.

Patient Focused Care

Our team of knowledgeable staff will take the time to listen so we can find the best form of treatment for YOU – our goal is to help find the best form of treatment for your individual needs. 

Consistent Grow Practices for Consistent Product

Our team follows strict SOPs to ensure a top quality and consistent product so you can depend on our medicine to provide the relief you need and expect….every time.

Cannabinoid Rich Genetics

Strains and extractions focused on providing a cannabinoid rich profile to maximize the entourage effect for a more beneficial medicine.  These genetics provide each strain with its own effect providing a diverse variety of meds for many types of relief. 

Passion For The Plant And Passion For The People

We care about our plants….we care about our patients.  Caring about the plant ensures top quality medicine which in turn ensures improvement of quality of life to our patients.  And our patients are our top priority. 

Family Owned And Operated In Colorado Since 2016

Family owned and operated by Colorado natives –  every day all the way from the grows to the store fronts.  We are committed to continue providing our patients with clean product of the highest quality. 

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We guarantee you’ll have a great experience at either of our Colorado Springs medical dispensary locations! Should you decide to register with us as your dispensary, you will enjoy many Loyal Patient Perks. Stop in and see us today, and let us make a difference in your life!