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At Grant Pharms MMC, we take pride in our medical cannabis. When you buy flower from our medical dispensary in Colorado Springs, you know you are receiving a high-quality product. We strive to provide a variety of cannabis strains and the finest quality flower to meet our patient’s needs. Our wide range of strains is what separates us from the rest. We offer common, well-known strains, but also offer Grant’s own personal crosses and exotic flower options that you won’t find anywhere else. Each strain and each phenotype produce a different taste, aroma, and effect. To achieve these high standards, it all starts in the garden and finishes in the trim and cure process. All our flower undergoes a final hand trim to ensure quality and to maintain all the medicinal benefits that the buds can provide. By hand-trimming, we are also able to keep the original shape of the buds as well as any valuable trichomes, which work as a protective blanket for the flower.

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We like to provide different tier options for our patients that fit all needs.  Though the Grant Pharms garden typically yields larger bud structures, we listen to our patients and understand the desire for smaller buds.  We partner with specific medical grows in Colorado to keep this shelf filled.  These strains can vary, but we always make sure our patients’ fan favorites are up to date and Grant Pharms consistently provides top-quality flower.

Grant Pharms Quality Assurance

At Grant Pharms, we believe buying medical cannabis should be something to look forward to. We are always excited to bring out the next, new strain to meet your medical needs. We are currently growing 20+ strains with multiple phenotypes, to ensure that we can find the right strain for you. The potency levels on our cannabis ranges from 16–33%. We offer flower that is suitable for potency hunters or patients that are just starting out using medical marijuana. These potency levels can bring phenomenal effects to our patients. Our budtenders work closely with Grant and the grow team to ensure that, next to quality, patient feedback is our utmost concern. As your caregiver, we strive to give you the best relief we can with our flower to improve your quality of life. It is our duty to provide the medical cannabis you deserve.

Buying flower from Grant Pharms MMC is a personalized experience. With 3 different shelving options, our patients not only have options on cannabis but options on prices too. Our Good Shelf, Great Shelf, and Extraordinary Shelf contain strain options but do not limit you on your potency. We do this to give patients an affordable option. Receiving needed relief doesn’t have to mean blowing the budget on medicine.



Blue Taffie is Grant’s own cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Taffie. The flavors are not overly sweet and provide a unique blueberry flavor. This strain is the perfect balance of earthy, fruity, and creamy flavors, paired with a powerful, euphoric high. Blue Taffie is an extremely smooth smoke with a very solid nug structure.



Sour Grape is a gorgeous indica-hybrid strain, typically testing at around 20–24%. This strain has very dense, aesthetic buds with dark purple hues and fire-orange hairs throughout. Sour Grape can provide a solid indica-dominant buzz, paired with savory sour, rich, earthy flavors that can take your taste buds to new heights.



Hashbar OG is a rare indica strain that is a patient favorite here at Grant Pharms. This cannabis strain is powerful and stoney. It is sticky to the touch and smells of an herbal, earthy bouquet of flowers. The aroma of Hashbar is of hash and pine. We recommend this strain for a relaxing evening on the couch, watching your favorite movie, as the effects can bring a heavy, relaxed high.



Guava Dawg #1 is one of the most popular cannabis strains on our shelves. This strain is extremely potent, testing at around 25–27%. The buds are a beautiful light green, with a frosty trichome blanket. The amazing characteristic about Guava Dawg #1 flower is the smell. Upon opening your jar, you’ll be welcomed to a unique, creamy, slightly fruity aroma. The high will leave you relaxed, but not glued to the couch. If you are ready for an incredible house strain, Guava Dawg #1 is perfect for you!

Order online now or stop by our store today to find out for yourself why Grant Pharms MMC is the premier choice for medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs.