Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner Strain Grow

Our Bruce Banner strain is one of Grant’s top choices! The genetics of this cultivar are Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush. Veterans have grown fond of this strain and its high potency. Bruce typically tests between 27–30% THC, and has even surpassed 30%! The flavors and aromas are earthy and piney with a hint of sweet grass.

The head high from our Bruce Banner strain is profoundly euphoric, accompanied by creativity and a mood boost throughout the body. The tremendous energy makes this cultivar a fantastic daytime strain.

Member Shelf Pricing:
1G $8 | 3.5G $28 | 7G $55 | 14G $75 | 28G $125

Uplifting, energetic, euphoric, active

Commonly Used For:
Activity, depression, anxiety

Side Effects:
Slightly racy

In addition to being a powerful painkiller, Bruce Banner is also beneficial for treating anxiety, depression, nausea, and restlessness. Common side effects include dry mouth and bloodshot eyes. The aroma of our Bruce Banner strain is powerful and pungent, with a prominent sweetness and citrus overtones.

Expect the buds to have a dense layer of trichomes that gives the bud a heavily frosted appearance. Order online or pick up at one of our locations today; we highly recommend giving this strain a try!

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