Tangilope Strain Sativa Hybrid Grow

Our Tangilope strain is a cross between Tangie x Chocolope and is a very mellow Sativa-dominant cultivar. Tangilope is gorgeous, loaded with trichomes, and very dense for a Sativa. The Chocolope parent gives sweet creaminess to the strain while the Tangie lends wonderful citrus notes, so you end up with a delicious orange cream candy-like flavor. When the nugs are broken down, a similar spicy, sweet, and orange fragrance with a pleasant, creamy aroma is emitted.

Member Price:
1G $6 | 3.5g $20  | 7g $40 | 14g $75 | 28g $110
Non-Member Price:
1G $8 | 3.5g $25 | 7g $50 | 14g $90 | 28g $125

Commonly Used For:
Depression, anxiety

Side Effects:
Slightly racy if sensitive to sativas

Our Tangilope strain’s energizing and creative high makes it ideal for those times when you need an extra boost to get you through the day. The high begins almost immediately after consumption with a rush of cerebral activity that leaves you feeling uplifted and ecstatic with an overwhelming case of the giggles. You’ll still be extremely motivated and artistically engaged with a sense of purpose and urgency despite your giddy mood.

Tangilope is suitable for almost all users and has an average THC content of 24%, making her strong without being too overwhelming for beginners. The finished flower is very long and lumpy, meanwhile, this unusual shape is brightened significantly by the flaming orange pistils and a beautiful frosty coating of trichomes. You’ll be comfortable with our Tangilope strain if you enjoy the taste of orange creamsicle! Citrus and vanilla notes combine beautifully in this cultivar, with a touch of spiciness on the exhale to keep things intriguing.

Our Tangilope strain immediately provides users with a sense of joyous energy that is difficult to equal with coffee alone. You’ll be able to focus on your to-do list with inspiration and focus while coming to work with a smile on your face and chit-chatting with your coworkers. Perhaps the only thing to bear in mind is that our Tangilope strain may make some people overly giggly, but we could all use a few more laughs during the day, right?

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