Sour Banana Sherbet

Sour Banana Sherbert Strain - Grant Pharms

Sour Banana Sherbet, also known as “Sour Banana Sherbert” and “Banana Sherbet Kush,” is an evenly balanced Hybrid strain that was created by combining Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbet. You may experience heavy-hitting effects from this strain, including sedation and relaxation thanks to its respectable 22% average THC content. Patients enjoy Sour Banana Sherbet’s combination of sour fruit and diesel flavors.

Member Pricing:
1G $6 | 3.5G $20 | 7G $40 | 14G $65 | 28G $110
Non-Member Pricing:
1G $8 | 3.5G $25 | 7G $50 | 14G $70 | 28G $125

Relaxed, Euphoric, At Ease

Commonly Used For:
Mood Elevation, Lack of Appetite

Side Effects:

The mouthwatering banana flavor of this lovely strain is balanced by a heavy diesel exhale. The aroma has a strong diesel pungency that is rather sour and can occasionally dominate the fruitiness. Your aches and pains will subside thanks to the high of our Sour Banana Sherbet strain, leaving you with ultimate relief. Initially, you’ll experience an energy boost that makes you feel uplifted and joyful. You’ll notice an increase in mental clarity when your mind and body relax, allowing for hours of clear-headed thoughts.

Our Sour Banana Sherbet strain is excellent for treating the symptoms of nausea, chronic stress, sadness, and loss of appetite due to its potent, full-bodied effects. Order online or stop by one of our locations today to try one of Grant’s newest strains!

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