Guicy G

Guicy G #10 - Grant Pharms

Our hybrid Guicy G strain was produced by combining The Guice x Triple OG, two highly potent strains. The predominant flavor of Guicy G is a sweet, tangy perfume with overtones of pine, leaving behind a juicy scent when you exhale.

The Guicy G strain offers a strong high that has an equal impact on the body and mind thanks to its relatively high THC content. Soon after inhalation, the cerebral action sets in and produces a pleasant feeling.

Member Pricing:
1G $8 | 3.5g $25 | 7g $50 | 14g $90 | 28g $125
Non-Member Price:
1G $10 | 3.5g $30 | 7g $60 | 14g $100 | 28g $140

Soothing, but Alert

Commonly Used For:
Pain Relief throughout the day

The physical benefits of our Guicy G strain include a sense of pleasant relaxation that can continue for several hours. Patients say that Guicy G leaves them feeling focused, happy, or uplifted. Some say it can also stimulate appetite.

Guicy G is an excellent midday strain for some users because it has calming effects that may not deplete one’s energy depending on their tolerance levels and previous cannabis use. Other users report that they are still sociable after consumption and that it has been a wonderful strain to utilize during their creative pursuits.

The predominant flavor of our Guicy G strain is a sweet, tangy aroma with traces of pine, and the exhale will leave a juicy scent in the air.

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