Wepa Indica Grow
Wepa Indica Jar
Wepa is a 70/30 indica-dominant cross between Whoody Melon x Platinum OG Kush. Due to the Platinum OG lineage, these big buds are super frosty, with hints of purple and lime green, if you can see past all the fuzzy white trichomes. Wepa #8 can provide anti-anxiety characteristics, and has the ability to leave you with carefree, relaxed feelings.

Euphoric, Relaxing, Tranquil, Relaxing

Commonly Used For:
Depression, Sleep, Anxiety, Pain relief

Side Effects:
Lethargy, Couch lock

Member Price:
1G $8 | 3.5g $25 | 7g $50 | 14g $90 | 28g $150
Non-Member Price:
1G $10 | 3.5g $30 | 7g $60 | 14g $100 | 28g $175