Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese #1 Strain - Grant Pharms

The Mac and Cheese cannabis strain, also known as “Mac N Cheese,” was created by crossing The MAC x Alien Cheese. It’s more invigorating than relaxing. After consuming this strain, users claim to feel focused, energized, and euphoric. The scent is smooth and sweet, with undertones of cheese and citrus in the flavor profile. Usually testing around 23% THC, patients report that Mac and Cheese can help with inflammation. Capulator is credited as the first breeder of Mac and Cheese.

Member Pricing:
1G $6 | 3.5g $20 | 7g $40 | 14g $75 | 28g $110
Non-Member Price:
1G $8 | 3.5g $25 | 7g $50 | 14g $90 | 28g $125

Uplift Mood, Induce Relaxation

Commonly Used For:
Inflammation, End-of-Day Relaxation

Based on the successful MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies), Capulator introduced a strong cheese cross, Alien Cheese, which offers a combination of unusual flavors and effects that merge to create an incredible strain. Try our Mac & Cheese strain if you’re searching for something a little different from today’s popular cultivars.

Indica genetics dominate Mac and Cheese, with a trace of Sativa traits. Expect a small to medium-sized bush that grows robust and sturdy in the indoor garden. Our Mac and Cheese strain produces a medium to high yield due to the tight and compact buds.

At first glance, the bud appears to be entirely covered in big, bulbous trichomes that burst out like sugar crystals when the bud is broken down. The vivid greens and occasional purple tones that you would expect from an Indica are hidden beneath a white layer of trichomes. The scent has a unique creamy aspect to it.

Over the years, Mac and Cheese has developed a reputation for providing an intensely relaxing high. This makes our Mac and Cheese strain perfect if you’re at home and taking a self-care day without getting up from the couch. But this is one of those strains that can hit so hard that attempting to concentrate on an important task or social interaction might be difficult.

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