Find the Right Strain for You – How to Choose Marijuana Strains

How to Choose Marijuana Strains

The wide variety of cannabis available in today’s market can be overwhelming when determining which strain is the right one for you. Need help with how to choose marijuana strains? We can help!

The experts at Grant Pharms MMC can help find the right strain for you for all your medical marijuana needs. Owner and founder, Grant Wollert, believes everyone should have access to the strain of marijuana that effectively meets their medical needs. In an interview about his expansion into breeding, Wollert stated, “I want to try to make that available to everyone . . . and, to that end, our breeding is going to have a purpose. We will be breeding for traits, effects, smells, tastes, etc. to benefit the medical community specifically.”

Why Are There So Many Cannabis Strains?

What makes a given strain of marijuana unique? The structural formation of any given cannabis plant is influenced by two things:

  1. The genetics behind it contains the blueprint for several possible characteristics (genotype)
  2. The growth environment is responsible for the physical characteristics within its genetic code such as shape, smell, color, and resin, that the plant ultimately expresses (phenotype).

While each strain has specific defining characteristics, each plant uniquely expresses its individual genes according to the physical environment that supports its growth. This is why growers can have multiple ‘cuts’ of the same strain (e.g. Gorilla Glue #4, Kimbo Kush #2, etc.); they are growing variations to see which cultivar has the specific characteristics they desire. Once they find those specific traits, growers will usually move forward with one phenotype for future harvests and breeding projects. This can be helpful to know when you are wondering how to choose marijuana strains with multiple phenotypes, like some of our strains at Grant Pharms.

Find the Right Strain for You - How to Choose Marijuana Strains

Find the Right Strain for You Based on The Two Primary Categories: Indica & Sativa

The terms “Indica” and “Sativa” were first used in the 18th century to distinguish between different species of cannabis.

  • Sativa” described hemp plants typically found in Europe and harvested for their seeds and fiber,
    • Sativa plants are taller, thinner, narrow-leafed plants and tend to offer a more invigorating, energizing, and uplifting “cerebral” (as opposed to physical) experience. Sativa strains are therefore commonly used in conjunction with various creative endeavors, physical activities, and social gatherings.
  • Indica” was used to describe the psychoactive cannabis varieties grown in India and harvested for fiber, seeds, and hashish.
    • Indica strains are short, broad-leafed, bushy, resin-laden plants that generally provide a deep sense of physical relaxation and are therefore commonly used by medical marijuana patients for various physical ailments such as pain, muscle or joint soreness or stiffness, tremors, and other physical ailments.
    • Various Indica strains are also commonly used for insomnia, as they are touted as being beneficial for their sedating effects.

However, “Indica” and “Sativa” are not the dominant factors in deciding which strain of marijuana is right for you. Cannabinoids and terpenes are better Indicators of any given cannabis strain’s effect than whether it is an Indica or Sativa strain, along with your individual geology, tolerance, consumption method, and the dosage you use.

Cannabis is comprised of several hundred unique chemical compounds that generate specific effects, mainly determined by the aforementioned cannabinoids and terpenes, inherent within the plant. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for increased appetite and psychoactive effects (the “high”), while CBD is a compound that patients claim alleviates pain, anxiety, and inflammation while not producing a psychoactive effect in the body. So next time you visit your local medical marijuana dispensary, pay attention to the cannabinoids and terpenes that you gravitate to most frequently to find the right strain for you.

What Does This Mean For Patients Wanting To Learn How to Choose Marijuana Strains?

There are a few elements of cannabis to consider when you are trying to find the right strain for your needs. THC-dominant strains are commonly selected by patients who seek a potent experience along with relief from pain, depression, insomnia, and anxiety, while those who wish for a more clear-headed, milder experience opt for CBD-dominant strains. Many new patients choose a balanced THC/CBD strain when first experimenting with medical marijuana treatment of their symptoms in order to achieve mild euphoria in conjunction with effective relief of their symptoms.

The other element of cannabis which heavily influences its effect on the body is the presence of terpenes—aromatic compounds secreted by the same glands responsible for THC and CBD production—which give each cannabis strain its unique aroma whether floral, fruity, or earthy. The terpenes found in cannabis work on our olfactory senses much the same as the fragrances in essential oils, producing calming, sedating, energizing, or uplifting effects on the mind and body. According to research, terpenes appear to be a major factor in how potent the sedating or energizing effects are of any given strain of cannabis. Because of hybridization, medical marijuana patients today have a virtually limitless selection of strains to choose from.

Find the Right Strain for You - How to Choose Marijuana Strains

Where To Find the Right Strain for You

At Grant Pharms, our wide range of cannabis strains is what separates us from other medical marijuana clinics. In addition to commonly known strains, we offer our own unique products such as Blue TaffieAntelope, and Guava x Tang.

If you have questions about using cannabis in any form and how to find the right strain for you to help treat a medical condition, or would like more information on how to choose medical marijuana that can help you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, please contact us today.

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