Grant Pharms II: Second Medical Marijuana Dispensary Location Now Open!

As an established local medical marijuana dispensary committed to serving this community, Grant Pharms MMC is excited to announce that Colorado Springs residents searching for, “medical cannabis dispensary near me” will soon yield one more high-quality result as we unveil plans to open a second location.

In addition to our first dispensary, this new addition to the Grant Pharms franchise will be located at 1591 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd in Colorado Springs near Old Chicago and The World Arena.

Visit Grant Pharms II Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Though the address may be different, our second location will uphold all the same standards of quality and service that we have built our reputation upon since opening in 2016. Our new dispensary will be staffed with trained cannabis professionals, fully equipped to provide guidance as to which of our high-quality products might best serve your needs as a medical cannabis patient.

Grant Pharms MMC is known for offering an excellent variety of top-quality products. For years, we have worked hard to improve the lives of our community’s residents, with a special focus on local veterans and senior citizens. With a second dispensary in our network, these efforts double.

Our staff is knowledgeable about which strains of medical marijuana are commonly used for afflictions that plague seniors and veterans, such as chronic pain, lack of appetite, and PTSD.

Grant Pharms’s second medical marijuana dispensary location on Cheyenne Mountain Blvd will provide convenient service to the Southeast section of Colorado Springs, with easy access to/from I-25. Whether customers patronize our flagship dispensary or our new location, they will be able to enjoy all the same abundant loyalty patient perks.

Until you are able to visit the new store, feel free to shop our selection virtually!

Visit our flagship dispensary located at 320 Prairie Rd.

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