How Cannabis Benefits an Active Lifestyle

How Cannabis Benefits the Active Lifestyle

In the world of medical cannabis, many patients seek relief from pain from a variety of physical conditions, including chronic pain and pain as a result of injury. For those patients who wish to maintain an active lifestyle, cannabis offers a viable substitute to prescription pain killers which can interfere with physical activity and potentially cause dependency and even addiction. There is no denying the opioid crisis in America and the necessity for pain relief options that are not addictive or potentially deadly. Cannabis offers such relief, and thousands of patients are turning away from pharmaceuticals and toward medical cannabis for relief from their symptoms. Continue reading to learn how cannabis benefits an active lifestyle in various ways.

Cannabis is a Natural Vasodilator

While cannabis is already well-known to be used for recovery, it’s important to understand how cannabis can benefit the active lifestyle before and during activity as well! Cannabis is a vasodilator — a medication that opens blood vessels in arteries and veins — preventing muscles from tightening and increasing blood flow through the body’s blood vessels. Vasodilators can treat a variety of conditions, including high blood pressure. For someone wishing to maintain an active lifestyle, this can prove extremely beneficial. Vasodilators take the burden off the heart muscle, meaning it doesn’t have to pump as hard, which reduces blood pressure. Many people are unaware that cannabis is a vasodilator, and working this natural medicine into your regimen may help you get the most out of your active lifestyle and overall health.

Cannabis is a Vasodilator

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If a patient enjoys participating in outdoor activities, medical cannabis can offer that person an opportunity to enjoy such exploits as hiking, camping, outdoor sports, and other physical activity by providing anti-inflammatory relief as well as vasodilation. The body’s inflammatory response to injury often means restricted physical activity while injuries heal. The anti-inflammatory properties of medical cannabis offer the active person a faster recovery time, while the sleep-inducing properties of certain cannabis strains help speed recovery even more by assisting the injured person in achieving restful, restorative sleep that enables the body to heal faster.

Protective Antioxidants

Medical cannabis also offers patients a neuroprotective effect, which may result in the regeneration of the cells, structure, and function of the human nervous system. Studies of neuroprotective antioxidants from marijuana show that cannabidiol, THC, and other cannabinoids are potent antioxidants, with cannabidiol proving superior in its protective capacity as well as proving to be a more powerful antioxidant than both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. CBD helps reduce damage to both the brain and nervous system, encouraging growth and development of new neurons. Evidence suggests CBD may be used to minimize neural and cell damage and promote healing.

How Cannabis Benefits an Active Lifestyle

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