Happy Holidays from Grant Pharms!

Happy Holidays from Grant Pharms

3 Ways We’re Celebrating the Season

The holidays are here. You know what that means—turning on your out-of-office response, picking up family from DIA, and wearing your pajamas past noon. We couldn’t be more excited, but unfortunately, there are some in our community who don’t have the means to be quite as comfortable. With the homeless count causing some concern in the Springs—and homeless veterans among that number—we wanted to see if we could help out a little. Here’s what Grant Pharms is doing to keep everyone’s spirits high this year, and how you can get involved.


Honoring our veterans is an integral part of our business. Cannabis is a great medicine to ease symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and sleep disorders; and veterans on our team provide a warm, friendly support system for our customers. But when the holidays come around, we’re extra grateful for the service men and women who may be having to use the time to readjust to normal life. That’s why Grant Pharms proudly sponsors the Wounded Warriors Project through ongoing events. The Wounded Warriors Project is a non-profit organization that supports veterans wounded in military activity following September 11, 2011. You can join our efforts by following the link below—they’re currently matching donations so now is a great time to pitch in.

Link to Wounded Warrior Project


And what would the holidays be without some good cooking? This year we did something special and hosted a free last-minute Thanksgiving dinner for anyone in the community who needed one. It was our way of making sure everyone felt like they had a little bit of home for the holidays—especially our veterans who were abroad for us.


Sweater season is finally here and the chunkier, the better. In case you didn’t know, Grant Pharms is actually a drop-off location for donating winter clothing to the community’s homeless. But there’s something in it for you, too (besides the warm fuzzies): anyone who stops by to donate gets a “Penny-Pre Roll” — about as close as you can get to a joint on the house.

The entire Grant Pharms team wishes you and your family a safe and happy holidays! We’d love to see you in-store at one of our Colorado Springs locations or feel free to contact us for special inquiries.