To enjoy legal protection under the Colorado Medical Marijuana law, you must register with the state patient registry and obtain an identification card. The Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry (MMR) is a confidential, statewide program managed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Although there are guidelines for children, caregivers, and legal guardians, we’ll review the requirements for adults here.

Who is eligible for an identification card?

You must be 18 years or older and a Colorado resident. You can prove residency with a Colorado driver’s license or ID, and you need a valid Social Security number. Your medical marijuana card is only valid for use in Colorado.

What conditions are approved for cannabis treatment?

The law currently defines a qualifying medical condition as:

  • Cachexia, or wasting syndrome (severe weight loss caused by a medical condition or its treatment)
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Severe nausea
  • Severe pain
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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Which medical professions can write a recommendation?

Your physician must meet the following requirements to recommend medical marijuana:

  • Must be an MD or a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).
  • Must be in good standing and licensed to practice in Colorado.
  • Must be registered to submit certifications online.
  • If you or your physician is not online, they must provide you with a paper copy of your medical marijuana certification.

How do you register and print your card through the online portal?

The first time you go to the registry site, you create an account using your private email address. Choose a password and a user name, and click “new patient registration” to fill out a short application if it’s your first time applying or renewing online.

Step one asks for your personal information, step two addresses your cultivation choice (purchase from a  medical marijuana dispensary, grow your own, split growing with a dispensary or caregiver, etc.) Part three pertains to caregiver information, if applicable, and then you sign it. If you’re a parent or legal representative applying for a child, or a legal representative applying for an adult, you fill out the third page.

If you skip any fields by mistake, the online system will bring this to your attention. If you submit a complete application and all your information is correct, you can expect to receive an email notifying you of your approval within 1-3 business days.

You can print your card on regular printer paper. Your card’s issue and expiration dates are based on the day your application is approved.

What are the fees?

When you apply online, you pay a $15.00 processing fee and a $1.10 online transaction fee. You can pay this with a credit card or by electronic check using your bank account and routing number. If you apply by paper, you pay the $15.00 processing fee and a $3.30 certified mailing fee. Note that your application can take up to 8 weeks to process if you do it by mail.

The registry’s FAQ section has much more helpful information.