In any discussion of marijuana’s health effects, the immune system is sure to come up. Although the effects of cannabis on the immune system are not yet fully understood, there is evidence that it helps, keep your body’s immune responses under control. Thus, if you’re considering medical marijuana, it’s important to get a sense of this drug’s immune effects:

Potential Positives

Recent research has suggested that marijuana may have numerous positive effects on the immune system. In particular, the drug appears to reduce inflammation, an immune response that frequently goes too far. This may hold the key to more effectively treating:

  • Lupus– One of the most common immune system disorders is lupus, which occurs when the immune system attacks your cells as if they were an infection. By reducing the immune system’s inflammatory responses, medical marijuana may be able to make lupus less severeand protect the health of those who have it.
  • Brain Injuries– Head trauma leads to brain inflammation, which can cause cerebral edemas and other potentially fatal complications. By reducing inflammation in those who have suffered head injuries, marijuana may be able to make those complications less common.
  • Colds & Flu– One of the most common sources of pain for those suffering from colds and flu is sinus pressure, which is the result of inflammation of the sinuses. Marijuana has the potential to reduce this inflammation and take pressure off the sinuses.
  • Colon Issues– Inflammatory bowel diseaseand other bowel conditions result from inflammation of the colon. Marijuana can reduce this inflammation, both by suppressing the chemicals that produce inflammation in your body and by changing how the tissue in and around your colon responds to those chemicals.
  • Arthritis– Since arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints, medical marijuana can reduce pain and improve mobility for those suffering from it.
  • Parkinson’s Disease– By helping to regulate the peripheral immune system, medical marijuana may be able to reduce some of the most severe effects of Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Cancer– Certain forms of cancer cause inflammation, which medical marijuana can reduce, along with providing pain management and other benefits for patients with cancer.

Researchers are still exploring the effects of marijuana on the immune system and all other aspects of your health. For more information on the safest and most effective uses of medical marijuana, visit our website today.