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Unfortunately, sometimes the “Golden Years” can be anything but golden. As we age, our bodies tend to turn on us as a result of years of myriad lifestyle choices and genetics. Symptoms ranging from chronic pain to lack of appetite often rob seniors of comfort during the years they should be enjoying it most. Luckily, these are all symptoms medical cannabis is uniquely poised to help relieve. It’s not physically addictive like many prescription medications and hosts nowhere near the amount or intensity of opiate side effects. Cannabis’ ability to augment the effects of prescription medications also means that the right strain can, in some cases, replace opiate use altogether.

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Medical Marijuana Chronic Pain Treatment
Kimbo Kush #2

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Parents- Starfighter and Blackberry Kush
Effects:  Cerebral effects are relatively mild, not too heavy on the eyes, which makes this strain excellent for anxiety and depression.  Kimbo Kush 2 imparts an extremely soothing, calming, and mellow intoxication, which is not particularly on the heavy sedating side, but definitely will sap motivation slightly.  This strain is highly recommended for days of relaxation and rest and provides a sleepy, warm, comfortable and centered sense of well being.  The terpene profile in this beautiful purple flower consists of a savory and subtle hint of sage flavor combined with notes of blackberry on the exhale.

Depression- 7-8


Indica Dominant Hybrid
Parents-LA Confidential and Cannadential
Recon is by far one of the best strains for chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle spasm. It’s calming effects are superb for those plagued with anxiety and depression as a result of constant pain. While it is considered a relatively heavy Indica, Recon doesn’t seem to put the user “in the couch” as much as one would think. It provides the pain relief that only a heavier Indica can while still allowing the patient to function on a relatively high level. The taste is sweet, fruity, and earthy with a strong and complex herbal scent and hints of pine. Recon is best recommended for those who struggle to sleep as a result of chronic pain.

Pain relief-10
Sleep- 8.5

Quin N Taffie

50/50 Indica:Sativa
Parents- Harlequin and Cannatonic crossed with Taffie (in-house breed)
Quin and Taffie is excellent for morning pain relief primarily because it is not heavy or restrictive. This strain has mild cerebral effects, and is motivating, uplifting, and semi- euphoric; pain dissipates seemingly undetected by the patient. The terpene profile is semi-sweet with hints of sour and vinegar from its parents, and the taffie comes on strong and sweet to level out the pungent vinegar notes.

Pain Relief- 8
Sleep- 4
Appetite- 6
Anxiety- 4
Depression- 7

Bruce Banner

Affectionately called “Juicy Brucie” around the Pharm, provides a very mild, cerebral effect, that is extremely effective for anxiety and depression. The immediate and lasting effects are an excellent option for those suffering from symptoms of PTSD but do not want to use an Indica that may lower energy throughout the day. Banner yields a mildly earthy, piney, super pungeant hit, followed with a mild diesel note at the end.

Pain Relief-8.5
Terp Profile-8

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