Guava Dawg 4 Strain Grow
Grant Pharms MMC Cannabis Strain Guava #4
Guava Dawg 4 Indica Jar
Guava Dawg #4 has genetics Crockett Family Secret x Stardawg Guava. This strain is extremely sweet and sugary with sharp notes of tropical mango & guava backed with a subtle hint of citrus. It has been known to be the heaviest indica out of all of the Guava phenotypes and can act as a great pain reliever or sleep aid.

Soothing, relaxing

Commonly Used For:
Insomnia, pain, relaxation, nausea, anxiety

Side Effects:
Couch lock

Member Price:
1G $6 | 3.5G $20 | 7G $40 | 14G $75 | 28G $125
Non-Member Price:
1G $8 | 3.5G $25 | 7G $50 | 14G $85 | 28G $150

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