We Honor Our Veterans at Grant Pharms MMC

We understand the medicinal needs of veterans in our community.

Cannabis has been championed as the perfect medicine to curb symptoms of combat and the resulting opioid crisis. With veterans on our team that provide first-hand knowledge of the needs of our veterans, we are able to provide veterans with medical marijuana information and a safe place to share experiences. We grow clean, quality medicinal marijuana with the specific intent of easing the symptoms of veterans with PTSD, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Visit our veterans dispensary in COS to learn firsthand what Grant Pharms can offer you.

Stop by our veteran-friendly dispensary today to talk to our knowledgeable staff first-hand about your symptoms and learn which strains of medical marijuana for veterans with PTSD we recommend and why.


Golden Goat Relieves the symptoms of depression, pain, stress and fatigue. Golden Goat is sativa dominant and a very uplifting strain that promotes a positive attitude and euphoric energetic high.

Sour Diesel Also a sativa dominant strain good for depression, pain, stress and fatigue. Sour Diesel can sometimes be more “stoney” than other sativas and is popular amongst veterans. The relaxing quality promotes relaxation more than other sativas.


Recon One of our indica strains that our community of veterans turn to for pain. Recon promotes pain relief and sleep, which is a great combo when dealing with chronic pain.

Blueberry #2 Another indica strain that is great for chronic pain relief, with the added benefit of relieving stress.


For Your Service & Sacrifice.

We are passionate about giving back to our community of veterans.

As a self-proclaimed veterans dispensary, Grant Pharms is proud to commit to offering the best military discounts in town. As a member, you will have the highest quality strains with the best prices available to you. Our desire to serve our veterans extends beyond the grow room and the counter. We have been honored to be able to host special Military Appreciation events, with the specific intent of raising awareness and funds for national and local veteran groups.

When you visit Grant Pharms, you are met with compassion and a true understanding of your needs.